“Wildflowers” is the debut album by singer/songwriter/musician Rachel May.

Originally from Louisville, KY, Rachel relocated to Nashville TN to pursue her musical career.  The first step?  Putting together an album to represent the beginning of her journey as a singer/songwriter.  “Wildflowers” does just that.  But the biggest problem?  Being completely independent, Rachel had little to no means of distributing this piece of art she’d been working so hard on. And that’s how the Wildflowers project idea began.  By giving out the 250 copies of her album to people that knew of her and supported her music already, Rachel guaranteed a home for her CDs.  And then, if each of those friends gave his copy to a good friend of his, the number instantly doubled.  And if those 250 people did the same… Then quite a large, infinite really, audience could be reached.

Rachel realized quickly what an idea this could be.  If people would record their name and location once receiving the album, we could document the spread and reach of the Wildflowers Project.

This site is the home of all the dreams surrounding this album.  Thank you for being a part of it!


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