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It’s begun!

It’s begun!  150 of the 250 CDs have been distributed.  The party was fantastic, the music was well received, what more can I ask for?

Except for people to keep passing it along!

Check out the photos tab for pictures from the party and the process of making all 250 album covers, and don’t forget to keep up with the stats to see if your CD has traveled the farthest!



Don’t Forget!

By filling out the info, not only are you receiving your bonus material including the lyric insert, exclusive video and tracks, but you are also providing us with the information needed to track the albums.  Without it, we have no record of how long the albums have traveled, how many miles, ect.  We are all documenting this process together!  

Keep passing it on!


It’s almost time!

It’s about six days until the release of the album, and there’s only one word to describe what I’m feeling.

Ok, maybe two words.   Or ten.  Or a hundred.  Or absolutely none.  There’s actually no way to describe what I’m feeling here, at least none that would do it justice.  There’s all the stress of self producing an album- from hand sewing each of the 250 CD covers to designing websites and planning parties… It’s a lot!  But there’s also the indescribable satisfaction that comes with knowing that you and a handful of your good friends are responsible for every final detail- every victory.  And every loss.

BUT!  The joys of doing what I love far outweigh any mishaps along the way.

So let the countdown to the release begin!

6 DAYS!!!